#1 Pleasant Lighting Tree

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  • Chose yours marvelous Pleasant Lighting Tree type, and beautifully craft your branch design.

  • Creates a pleasant, and cozy atmosphere.

  • Bonsai style design that attracts minimalistic energy.

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"...Absolutely love love love these magical trees!!"

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The award winning Pleasant Lighting Tree combo, provides a unique sensation inducing warmth, and a loving aesthetic feeling around your home. Plus it's designed to be convenient able to charge with 3 AA batteries or light up with USB charger.  A nightlight for Toddlers, A study light for your kids, and even a Pleasant Tree Light for grandparents. Send it as gifts to love ones, and much more!    

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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Would it be possible for me to paint the trunk and branches a natural color?

Yes! You may paint trunk bonsai tree light with acrylic, and use the tape for branches,  afterwards you can share your art with others.

How many power supply methods does this tree lamp have?

2 power supply methods, 3 AA batteries and USB power supply.

Does the bonsai led decorative light have a power adapter? How many led lights does it have?

It only has a USB charging cable and does not include an adapter. It can be used with general adapters.

A total of 108 LED lights

Can I adjustable the bonsai tree lamp tree branches?

Yes, the bonsai tree lamp is composed of high-quality silver wire, which is very soft, you can bend it at will, it is very suitable for DIY.

Can I just use the battery?

Yes, our desktop tree lights support two power supply methods, one of usb and dry battery will do.

The design with two power supply methods is mainly for your convenience.

What is the control of this bonsai tree lamp? Is there a remote control?

This bonsai light does not have a remote control, it is controlled by a touch switch.

USB powered and AA battery powered.

It has a touch light on its base, which can be easily opened or closed


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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